Friday, December 5, 2008

MOBILE : High School Days (Java)

High School Days (Java)

Rewrite history and relive your school years with High School Days. Get a job, get a life and hone your mind and body to perfection, or hang around the bar until the early hours, skipping lessons and looking for the love of your life. High School Days gives you the freedom to play the game as you want. With a fully modelled social conversation engine, watch how you behave with the opposite sex or your might find yourself dumped. Don’t worry though; you can still unwind with the included mini-games. Serve up a storm and earn some money in the diner, or increase your brain power with the number snake and snap games. Almost all your actions affect your stats, and they will in turn affect the way each social group reacts to you. Become notorious and roll with the bad boys or study hard and gain acceptance with the nerds. Each social group has its own story, letting you unravel a new set of events and relationships each time you play.

Screen Size: 128х128, 128х160, 176х208, 176х220, 208х208, 240х320, 320х240, 352х416.

Download: 3.80 MB

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