Saturday, November 21, 2009

EBOOK : Google Blogger For Dummies

There are currently nine million blogs, with 40,000 new ones created every day;25 percent of Internet users say they read blogs, and 9 percent say they've created one This book walks people through what they need to know to launch a blog, maintain it, publicize it, syndicate it, and even make money from it Topics covered include choosing a Weblog host such as or TypePad, hosting a blog on one's own, solving blog problems, working with blogging software (Movable Type, Greymatter, Radio Userland), and delving into RSS syndication Offers tips from veteran bloggers, a rundown of Blogosphere protocol, savvy pointers on earning revenue from a blog, and advice on specialized blogs such as podcasts, vlogs, and photo and MP3 blogs

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juk said...

Salam ziarah. Blog anda sgt menarik. Jemputlah dtg ke blog saya pula. Jom kita saling jadi follower? Buat MOU, OK? Thanks.

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